of Hasbro Children’s Hospital

The Adolescent Leadership Council

PeaceLove Studio Art Day

Date: 06/11/2015

The TALC teens went to PeaceLove studios in the Hope Artiste Village and participated in a “Transformation Collage” workshop with Amy.  It was great!


Explanation of project:

When faced with uncontrollable circumstances in our lives, we often become lost in feelings of chaos and despair. Participants begin the process of transforming their feelings of confusion and turmoil into a new pattern of thinking. Participants will make, take apart, and reconstruct artwork to create images that provide inspiration for harmony and peace, despite the chaos their illness might be causing. Through this process of alternation, participants begin to create order in their lives, as well as reaching deeper self-awareness and emotional healing.

Photos from the Event

BEFORE                    and                  AFTER