Transition Booklets

of Hasbro Children’s Hospital

The Adolescent Leadership Council

TALC teens identified that communication related to medical care is often difficult for a number of reasons. As the official Youth Advisory Council of Hasbro Children’s Hospital, they decided to create “Transition Booklets” to help adolescents, and parents navigate having medical care.  They also decided to create a booklet for healthcare providers. Each booklet has the following topics:

         - Top Ten List

         - Trust and Respect

         - Confidentiality

         - Communication

         - Treatment and Medication

         - Sexuality

         - Transition

         - Health Related Skills Checklist


If you are at Hasbro, please contact the TALC Program Manager at (401) 444-7563 to get copies of the booklets, which were printed with a grant from the Ocean State Charities Trust.


If you are not at Hasbro, please feel free to click on the cover to download and print these booklets. They are meant to be general enough that any adolescent, parent, or provider can find them useful.