TALC is upheld by grants, donations and sponsorships.  These allow the TALC monthly meetings and events to be completely free for families.  If you’re interested in helping TALC, contact the program coordinator or click here to donate. 

TALC holds their monthly meetings at Rhode Island Hospital/Hasbro Children’s Hospital in the Gerry House.  TALC’s annual camp is held on a college campus.  Other events held within the greater Providence area.

TALC is a group for teenagers ages 13-18 with chronic physical illnesses.  TALC also accommodates for the parents of the teenagers. New members join throughout the year. The TALC teen and parent groups Leadership Councils meet once a month.  TALC also features an annual team building activity, an annual overnight camp and occasional get-togethers

Frequently Asked Questions

TALC stands for The Adolescent Leadership Council.

What does TALC stand for?

What exactly is TALC?

Where is TALC located?

Who pays for TALC?

TALC meetings tend to focus on preparing children with medical illness for the future. TALC teens are separated from their parents at the beginning of the meeting,  In the leadership council, teens focus on a specific topic related to illness for discussion, then participate in an interactive skill-building activity. Leadership projects are also undertaken. The teens choose which skills and projects they will undertake. College mentors who live with chronic illness help to run the group. The parents sit in a nearby room and discuss their own, often parallel, topic.  Dinner is provided.

What happens in TALC?

The Adolescent Leadership Council

of Hasbro Children’s Hospital

 TALC is run by the Program Manager and medical residents in the Triple board program (combined training in Psychiatry, Child psychiatry and Pediatrics.)  The TALC curriculum, including the topics for each meeting, are decided by TALC staff, medical students, undergraduate mentors and the teen participants at the first meeting of the year.

Who’s in charge of TALC?

We have compiled a list of FAQ’s.  All of the answers below are from one of our teen council members.  If you have any other questions, please contact the TALC Program Manager at (401) 444 - 7563 or at TALCProgram@gmail.com

TALC gives teens a conduit for finding people with similar problems.  This grants them a feeling of belonging and understanding amongst each other.

What is special about TALC?