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The Adolescent Leadership Council

of Hasbro Children’s Hospital

The TALC Parents Council meets at the same time as the TALC Teen Council every month.  Parents of adolescents age 13-18 who live with chronic medical illness are eligible to join.  Your child does not need to attend the main TALC meeting for you to attend the parents council.


Each Parent Council meeting focuses on a topic related to their child’s chronic illness.  The group is facilitated by medical residents.  At least one college age mentor (who lives with a chronic illness) joins the parent group every month to give the perspective of a young adult who has an illness and has recently transitioned from high school to college.


To hear more about TALC and the Parents Council from current members, click on the link below.































At the March 2011 parents meeting, we talked about everyday stressors and coping strategies.  Below are some of the things the parents in our Parents Council identified as stressors and coping strategies. 


Everyday Stressors

¨ Diagnostic uncertainty

¨ Daily symptoms

¨ Figuring out when to "give in" and when to be firm with your chronically ill teenager

¨ Sibling rivalries

¨ Thinking about the future and how unpredictable it might be

¨ Financial cost of illness


Parents then talked about some of their coping strategies.


Coping Strategies

¨ Basketball

¨ Walking

¨ Yoga

¨ Church/Synagogue involvement

¨ Prayer

¨ Long drives in the car

¨ A "good cry"

¨ Finding/using humor even in serious circumstances

¨ Scheduled socializing with friends

¨ Survival mentality: "staying in the moment" to avoid worrying about the future

¨ Random acts kindness for others (pay for a stranger's coffee, offer a friend a random favor)

¨ Video games (especially role-playing games for fathers)

¨ Television - making time for your favorite show and/or just "vegging out"

¨ Books

¨ Thinking about people who have it tougher than you do


Can you think of anything else you would add to the list?