The Adolescent Leadership Council

of Hasbro Children’s Hospital

TALC Photo Gallery

While we have taken a lot of photos over the last ten years!  This page is highlighting photos from the current program years, as well as highlights from the past years, camps, and gallery shows. 


TALC Gallery Shows

2011: 1st Annual

2012: 2nd Annual

2013: 3rd Annual

2014: 4th Annual

TALC Camp 2012

TALC Camp 2013

TALC Camp 2014

TALC Camp 2009

TALC Camp 2010

TALC End of Year Slideshows

TALC Slideshow 2011

TALC Slideshow 2012

TALC Slideshow 2013

TALC Slideshow 2014

2015: 5th Annual

TALC Slideshow 2015

Other Events

PeaceLove Studio Art Day

TALC Camp 2011

TALC Camp 2015

TALC Slideshow 2016

TALC Camp 2016