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Criteria for Teens

 If you are 13-18 years old and live with a chronic medical illness, you may be eligible to join TALC!  If you want some more information, take a look at our recruitment videos (made by current TALC teen council and parent council members), or contact us.  We accept new TALC members year round.

Criteria for Mentors

Individuals who are college age (18-24), live with a chronic medical illness, and are either going to school or working may be eligible to be a TALC mentor.  Please visit our Mentor page for more information and to apply.


Mentor Page

Contact Us

Contact Abby McGuire,  the TALC Program Coordinator to set up a time to talk about you being involved in TALC and to fill out the paperwork. She is available at (401) 444-7563,, or use the form at the bottom of the page.    

TALC Overview 2016

This video was created at TALC Camp 2016.  It reviews how TALC meetings work, and why you should join.

Radiothon Overview Video 2013

This is a video used for the Hasbro Radiothon 2013, and it gives you a sneak peak at a TALC meeting.

TALC Recruitment Video 2012

This video was created at TALC Camp 2012.  The TALC teens explain how the program works and why you should join.

Contact Us

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